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Whitestone Infants School

See how Whitestone Infants School look to save over £73,362 with SLS LED solutions

Whitestone Infants School

Location: Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Pupils 268

Consultant: Dave Plim


Schools Previous Lighting Situation

Whitestone Infants School was fitted with a mixture of old fluorescent fittings which are now hard to get hold of. Many lights were failing which meant insufficient lighting for staff and pupils, SLS have now completed a full LED lighting installation which not only improves the learning and working environment it makes the school look brand new!


End Result

With over 260 LED lamps installed, Whitestone Infants have now improved classroom lighting, reduced energy costs and require zero hours of maintenance time changing lamps. These savings can be reinvested into the school.



  • Total number of light fittings 260

  • Total K/watts saving 35,908

  • Total saving over 8 years £10,757

  • Total saving over 15 years £73,362

  • CO2 saving tonnes 18.31pa

What did they say?

“SLS were great from start to end, the guys were polite, professional, completed the job on time and tidied up after themselves. We switched to LED in July 2019 and have definitely noticed a significant reduction in our energy bills linked to all the other benefits of LED lighting. I would certainly recommend SLS to any other schools who are thinking about changing over to LED lighting”

Lynn Knox

School Business Manager

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